Workshop Dale Carnegie

In the professional football world everything is focused on development. Each day the staf is pushing the players and the team to the max to perform at their best. In the “normal” business branches this is the same and companies need to make sure they get the maxim result out of their possibilities. As an entrepreneur, owner or director the achievements of your employees are crucial in your succes. In reaching succes the satisfaction of your employees and the love they have for their job is an very important factor.

“Do you know that only 17% of all the employees is satisfied with his or her job? And that 45% will switch of his or her job in the coming 12 months because they want to start a new challenge? “

To help you tackle such issues, Fortuna Sittard, together with new-born partner Dale Carnegie, offers the workshop “Understanding the pitfalls of leadership”. For 100 years Dale Carnegie has been successfully improving the performance of individuals and companies worldwide and this evening Dale Carnegie provides you with the tools to optimally motivate your employees and make them loyal to the company.

Extra information

Date: 11 March 2020 (6.00 PM)
Location: Fortuna Sittard Stadion
Invited guests: All Business memberships