Skybox 54

Sky box 54 is unique within the Fortuna Sittard Business Club. This is because Sky box 54 is the most luxurious sky box owned by Fortuna Sittard for which companies can purchase individual memberships. The Sky box offers space for approx. 100 business associates and an extra networking space for top level businesses present within Fortuna Sittard.

In short, Sky box 54 is the ideal choice for the most lavish and luxurious hospitality experience within Fortuna Sittard.


  • Free access to 4 networking events:
    • Season’s opening event
    • New Year’s reception
    • Eredivisie away game incl. bus trip
    • Season’s finale with BBQ
  • Free access to 3 extra corporate events:
    • Company visit
    • Inspiration evening in the stadium
    • Exclusive event
  • Discounts on extra flexi-tickets
  • Access to all league matches in the Fortuna Sittard Stadium (Cup matches and play-off matches not included);
  • Exclusive space for top level companies within Fortuna Sittard;
  • Luxury snacks and exclusive drinks;
  • Total capacity of 100 people;


For more information about the options regarding Sky box 54, please contact us at