Advertising Signs

LED Advertising Signs

You can deliver a message in a dynamic way to a wide audience using LED advertising signs: The animations on LED advertising signs attract the attention of all supporters present, reaching both corporate attendees as well as supporters. In addition, LED advertising signs also generate nationwide exposure since it will also be seen on television. With its broadcasts on FOX Sports and the summaries on NOS Studio Sport, Fortuna Sittard reached 4 million viewers last year.

Fixed advertising Boarding

Fixed advertising signs are another very suitable way to create exposure. This is possible at Fortuna Sittard in two ways, namely ON & OFF TV. The OFF TV fixed advertising sign at Fortuna Sittard is located on the facade of the stadium. This sign reaches all supporters present in the stadium. The ON TV fixed advertising signs were deemed the most attractive sponsorship tool last year based on research by Nielsen Sports. This is because a strategic location means you can be visible for 90 minutes on TV and the supporters in the stadium will also not be able to miss it.

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